YouTube Vanced APK V16.02.35 (Latest, Premium)

YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK is the most amazing application that you have on your smartphone. It is not like the typical ad-blocking application or any such tool. it is a YouTube App but a modified version of it. This means that this software will replace the YouTube application that you have on your device. And when you will use YouTube, you will activate Youtube Vanced.

This application will contain all the contents from YouTube and will block ads from within the system. But this is not Youtube Premium but a modded version of YouTube. If you don’t want to use this application that please feel free to buy the premium version of youtube which will serve you the same as this app.

YouTube Vanced APK

Why Use YouTube Vanced APK?

YouTube Vanced also has a video background function that will allow you to play any video without keeping the phone screen on. At times it really annoys us, if you just want to listen to a song on YouTube then you have to keep the screen on and can’t use any other app. But now no more because this application allows you to play any video without keeping the screen on and also let you switch to other application.

This can be very useful if you want to enhance image quality when watching videos on YouTube. It can easily do that through its Override Max Resolution. Besides, you can easily customize your Youtube theme according to your preference. Although there are 3 basic modes available which are White, Dark, and Black.

Features Of YouTube Vanced APK:

  • Fully Adfree
  • Background Playback
  • Pictures In Pictures Mode
  • Dark Mode

Enjoy YouTube Vanced 🙂

Final Words:

In conclusion, YouTube Vanced is one of the best app to switch from Youtube and it holds some cool features that will improve your experience within the app. We have listed some top features in the above lines. So, you should definitely download and try this premium YouTube Vanced Application on your smartphone and it will also help you to access Premium & VIP Content for Free of cost. Enjoy!

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YouTube Vanced APK


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