Which pop culture surprised you this year?

Image: Netflix

As bad as 2021 could get, pop culture offered us some bright spots. she it pretty good movies, firm computer games, or enchanting novels, there were plenty of ways to escape a year that bounced erratically between acceptably bad and painfully painful.

In many cases, the things we wanted or needed to be good eventually became good, maybe even great. You know by now that a Marvel movie will give you a solid 2.5 hours of entertainment, or that a Netflix original (that the company really deigns to tell you that it exists) is usually well worth the weekend joy. More interesting, though, are the things you didn’t expect to enjoy so much, or the things you initially had mixed or negative thoughts about, but were eventually won over by. That kind of unpredictability is always welcome.

Throughout 2021 there were a few pleasant surprises for me. I didn’t expect to be won by hawk eye of all shows, or enjoy the absurdity of the short-lived Cowboy Bebop. Like many others, I was not prepared for it mysterious to win me over completely, or for Masters of the Universe: Revelation to make the He-Man’s corner of the universe worthwhile. As for the movie, I found myself raving about malicious, No time to die, and Dune, to name a few. And for games, I was really captivated by Guardians of the Galaxy (like a lot of people) after the dubious E3 show, along with the flashy anime RPG Scarlet Nexus and the dizzying first-person shooter Boomerang X.

Now that we’re in the last weekend of 2021, tell us: What did you watch, play or read this year that surprised you? Or is there something you thought you’d like more than you actually did? Let us know in the comments below and have a nice holiday.

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