Watch Henry Cavill And Joey Batey Geek Out About Warhammer

Henry Cavill’s beloved Custodes may be about to have some competition on the Witcher set. Image: Games Workshop

Games Workshop is in an awkward spot when it tries, in ways it has rarely managed in decades past, despite its gaming success, to explore the worlds of Warhammer and Age of Sigmar to a wider public awareness. It has streaming services, comics, games, a desperate attempt to stop calling on fascists: and yet somehow the best help might come from outside the grim dark future.

Speaking of The Witcher Unlocked, Netflix’s post-show breakdown just for the second season from his fantasy saga, Henry Cavill discussed again the fact that he is a huge nerd, but more specifically, a huge geek for Warhammer 40,000, the futuristic version of Games Workshop’s fantastic strategy table games. Expected by his peers at this point — as co-co-stars Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra giggle, brace themselves for the upcoming nerd-out — when Cavill started talking about his passion for the game, the man behind Geralt of Rivia surprisingly discovered enough that he interrupted… by a bard.

Well, by Joey Batey, said the man behind Bard, who went on to add that it’s not just Cavill who talks about plastic space people in his spare time. Batey is also a longtime fan of the game, and it sounds like he’d like to pit Cavill’s Adeptes Custodes against an incoming force of Necrons – a host of skeletal robots that spent billions of years dormant on “Tomb Worlds” in stasis before being reintroduced. awaken to forge their empire anew. Sweet! But aside from the duo trying and failing to convince their co-stars to join their tabletop crusades, frankly it’s a bit astonishing that this is arguably the best PR Games workshop that’s been in years. terms of the public awareness of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, GW has been trying really hard lately to bring Warhammer to new audiences beyond the power of the table games themselves. There are plans to return Eisenhorn in a TV series, the branch of his comic book deal to working with Marvel on multiple series. Sure, Warhammer+ may be aimed more at fans of Warhammer on the tabletop than a wider audience, but as it establishes itself, it feels like a viable platform for Games Workshop to bring non-gamers on board as it grows. But all of that may not have the reach of one of the world’s biggest action stars right now, and stars of one of Netflix’s biggest hits, who just casually talk about plans for their next army or two (a Warhammer fan can never have just one). Maybe more people will flip a coin at Games Workshop to join them, if only to understand what it’s all about.

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