Watch Elon Musk squirm in ‘The Bernie Sanders Experience’

Stand-up comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan has his share of controversy in recent years, but for all that (or perhaps because of it) he has also managed to sit regularly against some of the biggest names in science, entertainment and politics. Possibly the two most dynamically opposing guests Rogan has ever welcomed on his show are Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and the world’s richest man Elon Musk. But what if you could scrap Rogan altogether and scrap the two icons of modern American capitalism against each other? Well, folks, see “The Bernie Sanders Experience.”

Created by editor and video producer Justin T. Brown, the clip uses mash-ups of both Sanders’ and Musk’s performances on Rogan’s podcast and subverts them in his own compelling three-and-a-half-minute feature film in which Sanders plays host. .

The remarkably well-edited video begins with the now timeless clamp from Musk who a stroke of a blunt about the original Joe Rogan Experience in 2018 (Tesla stock price took a touch the next day itself).

Enough stoned, Musk then gets a quick crash course on rising income inequality in the US, where, as Sanders puts it, the top 1% have seen a $21,000,000,000,000,000 increase over the past 30 years, while the bottom half has seen a decline. of $900,000,000,000. Musk looks into the distance and simply replies, “Hmm, that’s strange…”

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When interviewer Sanders asks Musk how he would improve the living conditions of the average American worker, Musk brings his, so far disappointing, grand plan to dig tunnels under major cities. When Sanders radically suggests that giant holes won’t really significantly improve people’s well-being, Musk lays down the ultimate trump card.

“A hole in the ground is better than no hole in the ground!” Right.

Perhaps the best part of the whole video is watching Sanders grill Musk all over his notorious negligible tax payments.

“Pay your taxes,” begs Sanders, “that’s what I want you to do now.” After an all-too-believably awkward laugh, Musk replies, “No, definitely not.” When Sanders suggests that the working class could rise up and threaten the billionaire’s wealth, Musk seems stunned: “This is crazy, stop bothering me!”

Brown’s hilarious alternate reality is based on a series of other “what if” JRE podcast mashups, one of the better ones being this one interview of Joe Rogan interviewing a different version of himself.

The Sanders and Musk parody is especially notable, however, because it seems to play pretty much exactly as you’d imagine, with Time’s Person of the Year totally out of touch with the reality of ordinary people and Sanders passionate, but meaningless, speaking to a very expensive brick wall.

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