Twitter adds auto-generated captions for videos

Twitter takes another step to become more accessible. On Tuesday, the company started to roll out automatic subtitles for videos. The feature is available on Android, iOS, and the web client. On mobile devices, you’ll automatically see captions appear when you start watching a muted video. You can configure them to stay on even after you increase the volume on your device through the accessibility settings on your phone.

Where are video captions when you need them? They are now automatically included with videos uploaded from today.

Android & iOS: Auto captions are displayed on muted Tweet videos; keep them on when unmuted through your device’s accessibility settings
Web: use the “CC” button to turn on/off

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) Dec 14, 2021

One thing to note is that only videos uploaded as of today will have auto-generated captions. Also, as The Verge points out, there’s currently no way to report inaccurate captions. However, a Twitter spokesperson told the outlet that it is “always looking for ways to improve our accessibility features.”

The introduction of automatic video captioning is a step forward for Twitter. Just last year, accessibility proponents criticized the company for introducing a feature like audio tweets without backing them up with accessibility tools. In the wake of the incident, the company has set up two accessibility teams.

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