The Sundance Film Festival is going completely virtual again

The Sundance Film Festival was gearing up for an ambitious hybrid event later this month, but those plans are now being crushed thanks to the Omicron COVID-19 wave. Sundance is instead planning an all-virtual event starting January 20, along with a handful of showings at local markets. The festival’s investment in a better digital platform last year has been disappointing, but has put the festival in a better position than other major events. (I’m watching you, CES.) And, of course, you can still watch the Sundance New Frontiers experiences in VR. Based on our experience from last year, it will be worth it.

“While it is a great loss not to have the in-person experience in Utah, we do not believe it is safe or feasible to gather thousands of artists, audiences, contributors, volunteers and partners from around the world for an eleven-hour festival , while overwhelmed communities are already struggling to provide essential services,” Sundance Film Festival director Tabitha Jackson wrote in an email to attendees.

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