The Expanse Season 6 Episode 3 “Force Projection” TV Recap

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Season six from The Expanse is tear straight ahead, if avasarala discovers trouble brewing on Ceres, Drummer builds an important new alliance, and the Rocinante crew’s short respite after last week’s big discovery is rudely interrupted by a certain Mr. Inaros. And has a sniff of Pet Sematary entered the chat? Let’s start with “Force Projection”, it’s getting hot!

As tradition becomes, we’re opening Laconia to more drama that so far seems unrelated to the rest of season six, but since this is The Expanse, there’s a good chance everything will be related at some point. is being brought. Still mourning the loss of her bird friend, Cara wipes off her little brother Xan, who teases her to play soccer after school. Instead, she returns to the clearing in the woods, where she finds that the broken drone she stole from her parents has been repaired. Then the “strange dog‘ appears… just like the bird, which somehow comes back to life. ‘You fixed her! You fix things!” Cara screams with pleasure and runs off. But her mood quickly changes when she sees the scene at home: Xan’s motionless, blood-covered body lies on the couch and her shocked parents sob. Hmm… you suspect that “you fix things” will definitely come back for this plot development.

Now that the Rocinante has put an end to Marco Inaros’ rock-throwing operation, the combined forces of Earth, Luna and Mars set out to reclaim Ceres Station, briefly under Free Navy control. But the station – always an important strategic stronghold – is strangely empty and exhausted, with Marco and his people nowhere to be found. Kirino of the MCRN wonders if it’s a trap; Avasarala looks like she thinks the same. A search turns up a number of stragglers, including chief driver Nico, who isn’t too happy to see ‘the inner people’ return for their ‘illegitimate profession’. But when Avasarala questions her, the Belter says she doesn’t know where Marco went or why — it feels like an honest answer — and advises the secretary general to “take your people and leave.” And while Nico insists Marco hasn’t abandoned the Belters who stayed behind, she also says Ceres only has three weeks’ worth of food and air left — something the stretched-thin UNN fleet can’t help with. Yes… it is definitely a trap. “If we don’t help this station, we will be the ones responsible for a massive humanitarian crisis,” Avasarala said. “The Belt will see us again as the oppressor and the power of Inaros will continue to grow.”

Also on the way to Ceres is the Rocinante, where Clarissa – who is still shaky after using her mods – is on her first night watch shift. She clears the air for a bit with Holden and confessed to him how she once used her mods to kill a colleague who was a close friend – The Expanse showed it in season three– and she’s still haunted by it. “Everyone on this ship has something they regret. Including Amos… I think,” Holden says to lighten the moment. “You’re in good company.” In the kitchen, Bobbie and Amos have a fun exchange of ideas, dispensing the awful food aboard the Roci, reminiscing about the Canterbury and their old lives, and planning their activities on Ceres: “They’ve got decent booze, and all the brothels are united.” Amos says excitedly.

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And we have another fun moment between Naomi and Holden, where she talks about why she froze during the Azure Dragon mission – no surprise, it was due to ongoing trauma from her terrifying spacewalks in season five – and says she’s ashamed. for what happened. When Holden changes the subject by asking her for help with the data surrounding the Barkeith mystery, Naomi smiles and rightly distracts, “You’re trying to distract me by giving me an interesting problem.”

In a less peaceful frame of mind: Filip aboard the Pella, watching news reports that Belters are rioting to protest Marco’s abandonment of Ceres (Filip is especially stunned to see a poster of Marco’s face with “COWARD” scribbled on it ). Marco, however, is in a better mood and seems unconcerned about Rosenfeld’s report of the increased military presence of the natives in their midst. He’s up for a hit and run plan when one of the Free Navy ships encounters battlegroups while picking up supplies for Medina Station. Filip enters and wants Marco to explain why they left Ceres after declaring it to be the capital of the Belt. In a condescending tone, Marco says he knew they could never control Ceres – he just needed the people there to believe they could. “I told people what to hear when they needed to hear it,” he says; It seems that Avasarala’s assessment that he has deliberately created a humanitarian crisis for the enemy to deal with is 100% true. He also insinuates that the Belters who have spent their lives serving inners on Ceres are a class below Belters like him and Filip. “You and I are meant to be here in the darkness, in battle,” he tells his son. They hug it out, but there’s still an unease between them.

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Aboard the Tynan, Drummer and Walker chew on the ex-OPA ships that can help them attack Marco’s secret stash depots. She wonders why he has the depots at all, and Walker says he’s not sure either: “Just tell me. Strategy is for generals.” Nearby, Michio watches a news interview with… hey, season three again! Are Pastor Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) Talking about the lingering after-effects of the disaster on Earth, a piece we learn quickly, is one of Monica Stuart’s Avasarala commissions. “Poor, poor Earther,” Josep snaps. ‘Don’t know where she’ll get her food and water. Welcome to the Belt.” Michio disagrees – she believes no one should be treated the way Belters were treated – and they argue loud enough to get Drummer’s attention.

And then we come to the juice. The Pella picks up a lone ship nearby and a elated Marco can’t believe who it is (you gotta love the sinister way he pronounces the word Ro-see-nan-tay). Rosenfeld tries to talk him out of it while Filip panics quietly in the corner, but Marco is unable to reason: “You should learn to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself!” Everyone goes to their battle posts, including Filip, who has the guns under control.

We get another recall from last season in the next scene. Amos and Bobbie repair her armor (sarcastic nickname of the week: “honeybuns”) when Amos gets a message through clandestine channels… from his bestie, Prax! After telling Amos that a scientist was killed in his lab by the Free Navy, allegedly because they suspected she was a spy, he says they’ve discovered a new strain of yeast that could help rebuild the food supply. “You know people with power,” Prax says, before begging Amos to share the data with Earth. “Chrissie must know what to do with it,” Amos mumbles as he sends it in. “The old lady loves it when you call her that,” Bobbie bursts out. “At least I say it to her face,” he grins.

Elsewhere on the Roci, Naomi has made a small breakthrough with the Barkeith data: she has discovered a pattern for the ships that disappeared during their passages through the Ring. They happen in clusters, and as soon as a ship “falls” through the hole that opens, the ship disappears – and then the hole itself disappears shortly after. Holden says he knows someone who could help puzzle this out… but before we find out who that might be, red alert: The Pella (plus Marco’s two other big gunships) are racing right at the Roci. “Everybody put on and tie up, it’s getting hot!”

Of course, before we reach the heat, we have to wait patiently through another scene on Ceres, in which Monica and her camera eye take in UNN soldiers, some of whom have better posture than others, doing rescue work to help the Belters. She wanders off to talk to an elderly Belter petting an orange cat, when suddenly a series of huge explosions resound across the station. Maybe a parting gift from Marco?

And speaking of you-know-who, the Pella has a missile lock on the Rocinante. Shiiiiiit! (Literally what I was yelling at the screen at the time.) Filip shoots, but luckily the Roci can defend themselves. Still, as Holden aptly guesses, “We’re out of our weight class here.” It’s going to take some tricky maneuvering from now on, though the Roci takes a break when the two ships traveling with the Pella Duck disappear from the fight. Filip fires again and the Roci suddenly needs urgent repairs. “In the middle of the fight?” Clarissa says incredulously. “That’s the job, Peaches,” Amos replies, and they scramble away to take care of business, even if the Roci overturns and tumbles. Bobbie takes aim, fires and notices that the Pella keeps dodging in the same direction every time. Her next shot doesn’t miss. Marco is a seated duck, at least temporarily, and Bobbie is ready to put an end to it, but Holden hesitates. “Marco is better as a prisoner,” he says, but adds, “If that doesn’t work, fire you.”

A video link is established, meaning we can see Marco and Holden staring at each other (this is the first time they actually “meet” unless I’m mistaken), as well as Marco, oh-so-gently leaning over so that Holden (and Naomi) can see Naomi’s similar son sitting next to him. “I’ll die before I live at the end of your line,” Marco snaps. That’s all Bobbie needs to hear, but when she fires again, the deadly shot is… a dud? Surely it can’t have anything to do with what Holden beeped on his wrist controller at the last minute? (Yes, as we’ll soon see; unbeknownst to everyone but kept forever in the Roci records, the warhead was disarmed by “Holden, J.”)

Fortunately, the Pella breaks free from the fight and runs away. (“Did we win?” Amos asks. “No,” says Bobbie. “But at least we didn’t lose.”) The Pella is in bad shape and Marco is furious with everyone, including Filip, who protests that he did exactly what his father told him to do. “You failed”, Filip snarls in front of everyone. “This is your fault. We didn’t have to be here. We didn’t have to be in this battle. We didn’t have to kill James Holden.” An enraged Marco orders him to get off the deck, but Filip isn’t wrong and the look on her face tells Rosenfeld too.But suddenly Marco gets some good news to turn his not-so-good, very bad day: a message from Medina about something top secret received at the Laconia gate The Laconia gate you say Oh crap We watch it on Marco’s screen and – could that be a brand new stealth ship built using protomolecule technology Oh shit indeed The dots are starting to converge… and somehow we’re already halfway through the final season of The Expanse.

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