The 8 Weirdest Pop Culture Toys of 2021

Image: Hasbro and Lego

This was the year Star Wars had arguably one of the strangest reckonings it’s ever had to face with its long, intertwined history of merchandising: what do you do when you say goodbye to an actor, only to see your name and their likeness on the shelves? to be seen in plastic form? That was the problem licensees faced earlier this year when Lucasfilm attached to io9 that it was no longer working with Mandalorian co-star Gina Carano, in the wake of repeated instances of the actress sharing bigoted commentary on social media.

Lucasfilm may have dropped Carano so hard it had to shutter a previously announced spin-off set to focus on her character, Cara Dune. But it had a much more awkward time as the character’s action figures, Funko pops, and Lego minifigures was on the shelves and briefly became a hot speculative item in the aftermarket, as fans eager to own a piece of history soon to be scrubbed picked up what was left.

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