Tesla turns off in-dash video games while its cars are moving

Tesla is quick to respond to the NHTSA’s investigation into in-dash gaming while cars are in motion. The Guardian has been informed that Tesla will deliver an update that will disable Passenger Play en route. A spokeswoman for the regulator said Tesla promised the change after discussing the matter with officials. There was no mention of when the update might arrive, but it’s safe to assume you’ll need to park for future gaming sessions.

The representative stressed that the investigation would continue despite the update. The NHTSA reiterated that the vehicle safety law prohibits companies from selling cars that pose significant safety risks, including distracted driving. The study covers approximately 580,000 Tesla EVs between the 2017 and 2022 model years.

Tesla no longer has a PR team and could not be reached for comment. The feature change isn’t surprising, though. Inaction could exacerbate the consequences if the NHTSA finds that Tesla was negligent. There is also competitive pressure. Mercedes-Benz recently fixed a bug that allowed video playback in the center of the drive – it wouldn’t look good if Tesla refused to follow suit.

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