Tesla recalls nearly half a million cars due to camera and trunk errors

Tesla’s recall-filled 2021 isn’t quite over yet. Bloomberg reports that Tesla has recalled just over 475,000 vehicles to fix defects in camera systems and cases. For starters, the automaker has recalled all Model 3 cars in the 2017 to 2020 model years over a concern that repeated use of the trunk could wear out a coaxial cable for the rear view camera — too much use and you could lose signal completely.

The other recall concerns 119,009 Model S sedans in the 2014 to 2021 model years. Misalignment of the front trunk (also known as a frunk) latch can prevent a secondary latch from working properly, increasing the likelihood that the trunk will open halfway. the disc pops open.

The Model 3 flaw will not exist in 2021 and newer production runs, while Model S drivers will be safe if their EVs are built after December 23, 2020. You’ll have to visit Tesla to get a resolution, but the company will compensate anyone who paid for the relevant repairs before the recalls went into effect.

None of the defects led to crashes or injuries, Tesla said. However, the recalls cover a range of issues, including an NHTSA investigation into Autopilot’s safety, recalls for components such as touchscreens, and complaints about build quality issues such as panel gaps. Simply put, the company developed more of a reputation for less-than-stellar reliability in 2021, and it’s not clear when that situation could improve.

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