Tencent buys Turtle Rock ‘Back 4 Blood’ studio

Tencent has added another notable game developer to its roster after purchasing Slamfire, the parent company of Turtle Rock Studios, for an undisclosed sum. The studio is behind Left 4 Dead, Evolve and, most recently, Back 4 Blood. Co-founders Phil Robb and Chris Ashton will continue to run the studio.

“By joining the Tencent family, we not only gain access to their vast resources and expertise, but we have also found a partner who encourages us to be ambitious and visionary,” Turtle Rock wrote in a blog post. The studio said it is expanding its team to support Back 4 Blood and create more multiplayer experiences. It added that it will be able to do something new: “turn a universe we’ve created into a real, long-standing AAA franchise.”

Tencent has made more big strides in gaming this year. It bought LittleBigPlanet 3 developer Sumo Group for $1.26 billion this summer. As analyst Daniel Ahmad notes, the company has purchased or invested in more than 100 gaming-related companies in 2021 alone. For example, it took interests in Remedy Entertainment and Life is Strange studio Dontnod.

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