T-Mobile pins latest data breach over SIM swapping

T-Mobile continues to suffer from data breaches, although the latest headache may be more reflective of the phone business in general. The carrier confirmed to Bleeping Computer that a recent data breach was the result of SIM-swapping attacks. Intruders compromised a “very small number” of customers by reassigning SIM cards or viewing “limited” account information, T-Mobile said.

It’s not clear what methods the attackers used, but SIM swaps are often used to take control of Internet accounts and bypass SMS-based two-factor authentication. The attacks sometimes rely on cheating or paying carrier personnel to make the swaps.

The provider said it “quickly corrected” the problem using existing measures and took further steps to protect targets. The company also claimed that swaps are an “industry-wide phenomenon”. While that’s sadly true, that won’t do much for victims – SIM swap attacks can take a long time to be impractical.

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