Syfy’s Resident Alien Returns in January with Season 2

Image: Syfy

Stories of aliens living among us are nothing new, but those of Syfy Resident Alien series still managed to charm viewers when it premiered last year. Based on the Dark Horse comics by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, Alan Tudyk plays the titular alien Harry Vanderspeigle, who has been catching up as a doctor since his death emergency landing on earth. While his goal in the first season was to be picked up by his fellow aliens and in the process wipe out Earth, and spend time with the people of Patience, Colorado touched his heart enough to change his mind and save the planet. save.

But as the trailer for the upcoming season two shows us, Harry’s decision has had some ramifications, mainly because his people are now coming to Earth to get the job done. Of course Harry is very much against that and wants to protect the planet, especially Sara Tomko’s Asta and Judah Prehn’s Max. And if that means burning the rest of the planet to ashes… well, at least he can say he tried, even saw New York before it turned into hell.

I haven’t seen a single Resident Alien yet, but this trailer makes the show look really fun and quite funny. (“Do you think I tattooed Willy Wonka on my ass like it’s a chocolate factory?”) Plus, it seems like the perfect show for a madman like Alan Tudyk. He’s always been a reliably funny actor with a lot of reach (especially with are voice work), and it’s nice to see him take center stage after being the supporting character on so many other shows.

Image: Syfy

The second season of Resident Alien will premiere on Syfy and the US on January 26, with guest stars including: Linda Hamilton and Alex Borstein.

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