Superb Star Wars Black Series Toys Photos by Killcutter

It’s no secret that we love Hasbro’s Black Series of Star Wars toys here at io9. We write about them every chance we can, often in serious news that breaks fashion, other times with sincere desireand sometimes even with foolish worship. Basically, if we can cover these 6-inch beauties, we will.

So when an artist passing by Killcutter showed us his incredible art featuring Black Series figures, well we had to share it with you.

“If I were to describe my work, I would say it’s a mix of practicality and digital effects, just like they do in the movies…except with toys,” Chuck Eiler, aka Killcutter, told e-mail. -mail to io9. The Chicago, IL native is a creative director in corporate marketing and when the pandemic hit, he decided to kill some time by combining some of his favorite things: photography, photoshop and Star Wars toys. “As a kid in the 80s I loved action figures, but not more than Star Wars,” he said. “I had all the toys and playsets and spent countless hours in the backyard creating worlds and letting them fuel my creativity. I truly believe that creativity has contributed to my career path.”

We have to say it was a very smart decision. For more of Killcutter’s work you can be . visits Instagram, watch process videos on YouTube, or click through this slideshow. Most of the photos, several of which combine several well-known sci-fi titles with Star Wars, speak for themselves.

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