Square Enix Sharpens Final Fantasy 14’s Charmingly Blocky Grapes

Square Enix has rolled out the first Final Fantasy XIV patch after the ultra-popular Endwalker expansion arrived in November. In addition to adding more quests, items and a raid dungeon, the update fixed several issues. One was a so-called bug fix that targeted some deliciously janky looking grapes in one of the new areas.

“An issue where the number of grape polygons in Labyrinthos was reduced too much to reduce system memory usage in the area,” Square Enix wrote at the end of the latest patch comments, perhaps in an effort to share the update’s biggest news. hide. “They have been modified to be similar to those in the Crystarium.”

The low-poly model quickly became a meme after the expansion went live, as PC Gamer points out, with some players embracing the blocky aesthetic and other more silly players mistakenly deriding the grapes as ugly. So it may not be everyone on board with the model’s flattened edges.

It’s hard to call this a fix as it’s a shame Square Enix changed the look of the grapes. They looked fine as they are. The previous version felt like a refreshing throwback to some 3D games from the 90s, like the original Tomb Raider. Anyway, the latest twist in the grape saga shows that developers can’t always please everyone, even when they tackle apparent bugs.

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