Square Enix Invests in Decentralized Blockchain Games

Blockchain features in games haven’t had the warmest reception yet, but they just got the backing from a major publisher. Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has released a New Year’s letter saying that decentralized games leveraging technologies such as blockchain will be a “key strategic theme” for the company from 2022. Matsuda didn’t name titles, but he did hint at how future releases would incorporate the distributed technology.

The company would incorporate token economies to foster “subsistence gaming growth,” Matsuda said. While the leader understood that many people would be skeptical, he believed that at least some gamers wanted to “play to contribute.” Blockchain games, in theory, provide a direct incentive for those players to build their own content rather than relying on “goodwill and volunteer spirit.” At least the suggestion is that users would partially create items to earn rewards.

Matsuda has not immediately announced plans for NFTs in Square Enix games. However, he expected those tokens to become mainstream over time and believed the “overheated trading” would cool off for them. Don’t be alarmed if at some point you can buy NFTs in the company’s games.

Square Enix would keep an eye on the trends in the market and develop accordingly. However, the president was optimistic and suggested that his company issue its own tokens. Whether the market follows suit is another story. Even a heavyweight publisher like Ubisoft has struggled with early NFT game sales, and Square Enix isn’t guaranteed to do better, even with hit series like Final Fantasy in its lineup.

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