Six other women are suing Tesla for sexual harassment at work

In the wake of Jessica Barraza’s lawsuit last month, six more current and former female employees have come forward to accuse Tesla of fostering a culture of rampant sexual harassment at the Fremont plant in California. In separate complaints filed Tuesday in the Alameda County Superior Court, the women said they were constantly subjected to catcalling, unwelcome advances, physical contact and discrimination on the job.

Jessica Brooks, one of the women who sued Tesla, claims she was harassed on her first day of induction at the automaker. She claims that a supervisor told his male subordinates to “watch the new girl.” Brooks says the bullying was so constant that she ended up stacking boxes around her workstation to keep her coworkers from whistling at her. Brooks also claims she has complained about the situation to Tesla’s HR department. The company is said to have responded by moving Brooks to another part of the factory rather than addressing the situation directly.

“I was so tired of the unwanted attention and the men staring at me that I started to create barriers around me so I could get some relief,” Brooks told The Washington Post. “That was something I needed to do my job.”

When Jessica Barraza sued Tesla last month, she said she was dealing with “nightmare” working conditions at the company’s Fremont factory. Barraza’s lawsuit described a factory floor that looked more like “a rough, archaic construction site or dorm” than the site of one of the most advanced EV makers in the country. Most of the seven women who have sued Tesla have linked the abuse they experienced to CEO Elon Musk’s behavior. “He would make 69 or 420 jokes… which made the technicians even worse,” said one of the complaints.

The lawsuit comes on the same day that five former SpaceX employees accused Musk’s other company of doing little to stop sexual harassment. We have contacted Tesla for comment. The car manufacturer does not have a PR department. When a federal court recently ordered Tesla to pay $137 million to a black employee who said they were victims of daily racial abuse at the company’s Fremont plant, the company said: “We continue to grow and improve in the way where we address employee concerns. Occasionally we get it wrong, and when that happens we need to be held accountable.”

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