Rivian postpones delivery of 400-mile R1T trucks until 2023

Rivian, the electric transportation startup, is postponing deliveries of its 400-mile R1T pickup truck until 2023. In an email to customers acquired by Electrek, CEO RJ Scaringe said the company is prioritizing production. of R1T vehicles equipped with its 314-mile “Large pack” battery. Once those orders are fulfilled, it will turn its attention to the more affordable “Explorer Package” trim and “Max pack” battery.

“When setting our delivery timing, we optimized our build sequence around the build combination that would help us build as quickly as possible and therefore have the greatest possible positive climate impact,” writes RJ Scaringe in the email. We reached out to Rivian for more information.

In the same post, Scaringe notes that Max battery variants account for about 20 percent of the 71,000 R1T and R1S preorders received by the automaker on December 15 of this year. That suggests the delay affects about 14,200 vehicles. Rivian allows people to change their orders if they want to receive their R1T sooner. It also promised to share more information about delivery times in early 2022.

Rivian has delayed deliveries of the R1T several times in recent years. The truck was originally scheduled to debut in 2020, but the company eventually pushed that date to September 2021. The pandemic and chip shortages have played a part, but Rivian doesn’t have much production capacity right now either. It plans to build a new factory in Georgia next summer. However, that won’t be completed until sometime in 2024. Meanwhile, the company also has an order for 100,000 vehicles to fulfill for minority shareholder Amazon.

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