Riddler has an ARG website game

Screenshot: Warner Bros.

If you were amazed by the most recent trailer for the batter, you may not have noticed the strange symbols at the bottom of the title/cast card that appear at the very end. It turns out to be a message from the riddle (via Warner Bros. PR) for you.

If you’ve noticed the symbols, then you’re well aware that it’s more of the odd that the Riddler often leaves behind with his signature question mark. These were decoded after the first trailer was released in 2020, so it probably didn’t take long for those same sleuths to realize the message in this trailer is, “You’re el rata alada.” “El rata alada” is Spanish for “the winged rat,” which is a common (though incorrect) name for the animals among bat haters. But “you are el” is phonetically the same as URL,” allowing people to see if “www.rataalada.comheld no surprises.

It certainly does, at least to a degree. It is a text-based, MS-DOS inspired website operated by the Riddler, which invites visitors to solve three riddles. I don’t know what surprised me more – that the riddles are extremely simple or that the supervillain is extremely patient with people who guess wrong, even if they are assholes like me:

Screenshot: Warner Bros.

If you enter all three correct answers (I’ll paste them below, in case you want them) you’ll get a trio of witness sketches from Batman’s Gotham City Police Department:

Screenshot: Warner Bros.

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I love how awful and sad the leftmost Batman looks. It’s as if Commissioner Gordon saw this pathetic drawing, ordered the 10-year-old GCPD police artist to go to art school for ten years, and then try again. There’s another less tragic promo art to be found when you reload the site, when the Riddler asks if you’ve been to Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge; every answer gives you access.

Honestly, it’s not the best Augmented Reality Game/viral movie combo, and certainly doesn’t have much in the rewards department, but I wouldn’t trade my time for this depressive, man with full lips for all.

Screenshot: Warner Bros.

The Batman will premiere on March 4, 2022 — and those answers, if you were wondering, are “street,” “law,” and “Batman.” You know what is what.

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