Peloton removes viral ad after Chris Noth allegations surface

Peloton has his . brought down viral parody video of the sequel to Sex and the City after two women came forward with sexual assault allegations against Chris Noth, the actor who played the character Mr. Big plays and appeared in the company’s video. Noth has denied the allegations, saying the sexual encounters were consensual.

Peloton deleted his “He’s Alive” video from his social media accounts and YouTube channel the same day the Hollywood Reporter published a chilling report about two women who claim to have been raped by Noth in 2004 and 2015. The women, whose identities were not revealed, told the outlet that And Just Like That promotions and media articles about the show had brought up “painful memories” of the alleged incidents involving Noth.

“[S]Seeing him reprise his role in Sex and the City stirred something in me,” one of the women accused Noth told the outlet. “I buried it for years.”

Gizmodo contacted Peloton on Thursday for comment, but received no response at the time of publication. We’ll make sure to update this article if we hear anything.

A Peloton Spokesperson told the Hollywood Reporter on Thursday that it was unaware of the sexual assault allegations against Noth when it showed him in the parody video. Actor Ryan Reynolds, whose marketing company Maximum Effort produced the video, also removed it from his Twitter account.

The company is in the process of getting more information.

“Any allegation of sexual assault must be taken seriously,” the spokesperson said. “We were not aware of these allegations when we featured Chris Noth in our response to the HBO reboot. Because we want to know more, we have stopped promoting this video and archived related social posts.”

Noth told the Hollywood Reporter that the allegations against him were “categorically false.”

“The allegations made against me by individuals I met years, even decades ago, are absolutely false,” he said. “These stories could be from 30 years ago or 30 days ago — no always means no — that’s a line I haven’t crossed. The meetings were in consultation. It’s hard not to question the timing of these stories coming true. I’m not sure why they’re showing up now, but I do know this: I didn’t attack these women.”

While Noth questioned the “timing” of the alleged attacks, it should be noted that the two women came forward separately and at different times (in August and October) with their allegations and do not know each other, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Peloton debuted the “He’s Alive” parody video on Sunday as a lightning-fast response to the premiere of the first two episodes of And Just Like That, the HBO Max sequel show to Sex and the City, which dropped a bomb on fans when Mr. Big died after intense training on a platoon. Shares of the company fell 11% after the episodes as the Platoon struggled to contain the damage to its image.

First, the company issued a statement from a cardiologist on the health and wellness board who confirmed that the death of Mr. Big was due to his “extravagant lifestyle”, adding that riding a Platoon may have helped “delay his cardiac event”.

Apparently, feeling that wasn’t enough, Peloton released the parody video “He’s alive”. The video features an alternate ending to Mr. Big in And Just Like That. In this ending, Noth has seemingly left Carrie Bradshaw to be with his (real) Peloton Instructor and do more Peloton workouts. I found the video, which received a lot of media attention, originally hilarious and a good response from Peloton. However, in light of these allegations, I now feel uneasy, although I will keep the final verdict until we know more.

Overall, Peloton’s attempt to reclaim the story after the And Just Like That premiere has ended in disaster, though frankly it wasn’t his fault. If you add that to the other woes on the list in 2021, including a return of products, a poor financial performance in the past quarter, and people go back to the gymThe new year probably can’t come soon enough for the company.

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