No Time to Die’s cast and crew on how the end came

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In the many long months leading up to its release, No time to die was touted as the last outing for Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond. Since he first took the role in Casino Royale in 2007, Craig’s time with the character has been fascinating, and it was interesting to see how it would actually end this time after it seemingly came to an end with Spectre.

In a spoiler-filled interview with Variety, Craig, director Cary Joji Fukunaga and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson talk about how the ending and Craig’s broadcast came about.

At the end of the film, James Bond dies for good, concretely. Injected with a bioweapon that would specifically kill his beloved Madeline Swann and all her relatives, including their young daughter Mathilde, Bond orders an airstrike on the island where he is stranded so that the virus can never replicate again. As heroic as it may be, Craig’s Bond’s fate is a first in the character’s 59-year film history.

The ending came about in part because he wanted his time as a character to pass. After the premiere of Casino in Berlin, he spoke with producer Broccoli about his future with the series. When he heard that he had four movies in his contract, he knew how he wanted to go out. “I went,” Oh, okay. Can I kill him in the last?’ Craig recalled. “It’s the only way I could see for myself to end it all and make it like that was my tenure, somebody else could come and take it over.”

Fortunately, Broccoli accepted Craig’s proposal, even though Craig brought it up again only in this particular movie. For Wilson, who has worked on every Bond film since Moonraker in 1972, it made sense for the character to come out this way. In the Bond novels From Russia with Love and You Only Live Twice, creator Ian Fleming nearly killed the spy, setting the movement a precedent. Before the movies, Wilson and the team realized this was coming eventually. “Eventually, he said, “the odds will catch up with you.” Bond is so used to being lucky and surviving that everyone thought it was “emotionally important” for the audience to realize that the character’s signature luck can only go so far. to go.

Bond’s death was already decided when Fukunaga was appointed to direct, but the method was left to him. Fukunaga recalled how there were multiple iterations, including Bond just getting shot by an anonymous bullet. Thematically, Fukunaga thought it was appropriate, but both he and Craig knew it had to be a situation he couldn’t get out of, with the actor emphasizing that it “must have weight…if we hadn’t gained that weight, I don’t think it would.” we would have done it. We would have found another way to end it.”

No Time to Die is now available to rent or own.

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