Neon, Valorant’s newest agent, brings sprinting and sliding to the game

Valorant is a game of methodical movement. Your weapon is most accurate when stationary, and pinpoint accuracy is essential if you are to live. That’s what makes Neon, the game’s newest playable character, so interesting. She is a hyper-aggressive duelist whose equipment revolves around increasing the pace of matches.

Following a teaser trailer released earlier this week, Riot has detailed all of Neon’s capabilities. Her innate “High Gear” ability allows Neon to sprint and slide into battle, something no Valorant agent before her has been able to do. “Speed, everything about Neon came back to that feeling of running forward and moving fast,” said character producer John Gosccicki.

Neon’s two other primary abilities, “Relay Bolt” and “Fast Lane”, allow her to throw an electric molly and create two parallel walls of obstructing noise. Meanwhile, her ultimate, ‘Overdrive’, lets Neon shoot deadly beams of light, with each kill she obtains resetting the skill’s duration. Her gear is most reminiscent of Phoenix’s who can create a wall of flames to cover his entrance attacks. However, the fact that Neon can sprint and slide should make weapons like the Stinger, Judge, and Frenzy especially deadly in her hands, as they tend to dominate at close range.

Neon joins Valorant’s roster on January 11, the same day Riot plans to release Episode Four, Act One. You can get the corresponding Battlepass for 1,000 Valorant Points, or the equivalent of $10.

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