Microsoft had to use Xbox dev kits to host a ‘Halo Infinite’ tournament

Even Microsoft is feeling the sting of ongoing Xbox shortages. Kotaku Notes Microsoft taken refuge to use Xbox Series X development kits (not pictured) to host this weekend’s first major Halo Infinite tournament, the Raleigh Major of the Halo Championship Series. Simply put, the company couldn’t find enough retail consoles to use — the “global supply chain shortage is real,” said Tahir Hasandjekic, the eSports leader of 343 Industries.

The dev kits are “functionally identical” to off-the-shelf consoles and will work in that mode, Hasandjekic added. They don’t look quite the same, but competitors shouldn’t notice any differences with the systems they have at home.

The irony is thick, but this also underscores the seriousness of console shortages more than a year after the Xbox Series X made its debut. It’s still hard to buy the machine between scalpers and industry-wide chip shortages, and Microsoft doesn’t necessarily have privileged access to its own hardware. That said, the company probably doesn’t want to get into the habit of using developer units. We wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft makes future personal HCS matchups rely on store-bought Xbox systems, if only to polish its public image.

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