Meta and Ray-Ban’s Stories Glasses Can Now Send and Read Messenger Texts

Meta has released a new software update for Ray-Ban Stories that improves the speech capabilities of the smart glasses. After installing the software, you can use the built-in assistant to send text messages and calls via Messenger. In addition, it can now read out messages that someone sends you through the chat platform.

Another new feature is the ability to use your voice to control media playback. For example, to go to the next song in a playlist, say, “Hey Facebook, next.” It is also possible to adjust the audio volume and pause and resume a song or podcast in the same way. Oh, and you can ask the assistant for a battery life update.

Meta says it is rolling out the update to its companion Facebook View app in a phased manner, noting that it expects the software to be available to everyone soon. Before you can download the update, you need to install the latest firmware on your Stories glasses. While this release improves on one of the less compelling aspects of the Ray-Ban Stories, the company promised to add more functionality in the new year.

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