Marvel’s Inferno #4 Breaks Open X-Men’s Biggest Krakoa Secret

Professor X and Magneto make a desperate last stand. Image: Valerio Schiti, Stefano Caselli, David Curiel and Joe Sabino/Marvel Comics

Charles Xavier, Magneto and Moira MacTaggert’s Dream for Mutant Civilization in This reborn era of emergence has always been based on something of a lie—a hopeful lie, perhaps a naive, yet a powerful lie. It’s a lie that’s been well-maintained since Powers and House of X revealed it to the public three years ago. But times have changed, and so has Krakoa as it moves into a new destination.

This week’s last major X event, one plagued since the earliest days of the Krakoan era, Inferno – and the promise that Mystique would be willing to destroy Charles and Erik’s new paradise to fetch her wife, the precognitive mutant Irene Adler, better known as Destiny, back from the grave – came to an end. As Moira herself, long hidden from the world beneath Krakoa, began to take immediate action in the wake of Destiny’s return, the precog and a bitterly vengeful Mystique laid the groundwork for a plan that would get to the heart of what was going on. hidden behind the honeyed words of paradise that the mutants have reforged into a bright new era.

Thanks to the changed loyalties of Emma Frost – who found herself one of Charles and Erik’s most trusted allies, until the revelation of Moira’s existence shattered her personal belief in the duo – Inferno #4, by Jonathan Hickman, Valerio Schiti, Stefano Caselli, David Curiel, Joe Sabino and Tom Muller set the stage for some fundamental changes in the status quo of the X-books. Moira has been kidnapped by Mystique and Destiny, and Charles and Erik are on a wild goose hunt that puts them directly in the path of the anti-mutant organization behind the sinister Nimrod, Orchid. And with more and more people who truth of Moira X– not a major ally of Charles and Erik, but a mutant in turn, a fundamental building block of the Krakoan dream with the ruthlessness to kill those who would disrupt her plans – it’s not just outside forces that are layering the sovereign nation can keep. Everyone, whether it’s Mystique and Destiny, Charles and Erik, Moira, Orchis or even chaotic elements like Doug Ramsey, is ready to play their final hand in the recording of Inferno… but not everything goes pretty much everyone’s plan.

Image: Valerio Schiti, Stefano Caselli, David Curiel and Joe Sabino/Marvel Comics

Inferno #4 is largely set around Charles and Erik’s doomed battle with Omega Sentinel and Nimrod, after Mystique and Destiny lead them on the hunt for the imprisoned Moira – one that ends with their temporary death. It’s symbolic of the greater threat of machine-man-mutant that has formed the basis for Moira’s long, winding mission in her many lives since House and Powers, with Charles and Erik’s brutal end reflecting the inevitable demise they’ve been battling since Moira told them her secret. But other than that clash of willpower, the problem usually flashes back to the minutes and hours that precede it for the rest of Inferno’s big players, filling in the blanks of their plans as they all prepare to launch them. For example, Mystique and Destiny reveal that while they fully intend to kill Moira as revenge for her generations of manipulation, they first plan to preserve her “perfect” timeline by committing a horrific act Moira herself so desired: her shooting with Forge’s forbidden x-gene eraser gun, obtained from Emma Frost, not giving back her Moira Ten, but the person the rest of the world once thought she was.

Moira is only saved from permanent death by the intervention of Doug, who, with his wife Bei and Warlock, devises his own plan and comes to Moira’s aid. It’s not out of kindness, but out of bitter grace – having previously discovered her existence herself thanks to Warlock’s symbiotic connection to all of Krakoa, as well as Moira’s desire to kill Destiny once and for all to change the current status quo of Charles and To retain Erik, Doug simply defuses the situation and banishes Moira altogether – giving her one last gateway to flee through, never to return to the paradise she helped create. But even that isn’t until the real truth emerges that will change the world of the X-Men and end up in the Destiny of X forever. A spiteful, bitter Moira lashes out at Mystique and Destiny to reveal that the darkest truth isn’t her behind-the-scenes existence with Charles and Erik, but the truth she told them to fight in the first place: how ascendant Krakoa looks like in the here and now, the mutants’ demise is inevitable, and no matter how many times she tried to change fate, they always lost.

Image: Valerio Schiti, Stefano Caselli, David Curiel and Joe Sabino/Marvel Comics

Mystique, who is Mystique, just can’t keep this to herself, even as she and Destiny promise the fleeing Moira that they’ll come over one day to finish the job they started. It is there that Inferno becomes most devastating. In the week it takes for the Five to bring Charles and Erik back to life after their loss to Nimrod and Omega Sentinel, their dream has changed quite radically – even if everything seems as it was at first glance. With Cerebro damaged in the attack, neither of them fully remember what led to their deaths, and following the very… first pages of House of X #1, they wake up to see Emma Frost, dressed in the latest version of Cerebro, mockingly calling out to her, her X-Men. Emma has all the power, as Charles once had in those previous pages, but she reveals that she’s actually been a little bit democratic about it. Emma, ​​disdainfully ruining Moira’s name, reveals that not only are she, Doug, Mystique and Destiny aware of Moira’s existence and her prophesied warning of the mutant child’s failure, but now the entire Quiet Council, that touches all corners of Krakoan society. Power over the council has now become a flat tier, as Charles and Erik no longer hold all the cards to themselves – and ascension to its ranks must be cursed with the burdened by the most grim knowledge.

But the council still stands, and Inferno ends up with all his hopes burned to ashes as Krakoa’s herders come together and perpetuate the lie that keeps ticking paradise. What will become of Professor X and Magneto’s dream without Moira? What happens if their closest allies can’t really believe in it now? What will it mean to be Immortal X-Men, in an era seemingly doomed to such a terrible fate? Time will tell, as the months and weeks until the start of Destiny of X in April will begin to count down.

Image: Valerio Schiti, Stefano Caselli, David Curiel and Joe Sabino/Marvel Comics

Suffice it to say that eternal life has not been without some warnings for the best and brightest of the mutants in recent years – but as those warnings slowly erode the hopes upon which the Krakoan era was built, the mutant dream is indeed leaning towards one. terrible path. ..if not a definite end.

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