LG’s new ThinQ recipe service gets ingredients from Amazon and Walmart

As usual, LG has unveiled its latest smart devices for CES 2022, but this time they come with an unusual twist: a recipe service. The ThinQ Recipe app allows users to choose from up to 10,000 recipes, with the app adding ingredients to your shopping list for delivery by Walmart or Amazon Fresh.

LG has partnered with SideChef on the app so you can cook anything from a single recipe to a weekly meal plan. It also uses Foodspace Technology’s Scan and Cook feature that scans a barcode on select frozen and ready-to-eat meals and automatically sends cooking instructions to compatible LG ThinQ ovens.


The new feature is designed to work with LG’s latest InstaView Double Range oven and over-the-range microwave. The first uses LG’s InstaView technology that lets you see inside the device by tapping the glass twice. It also uses LG’s ProBake convection technology with Air Fry and Air Sous Vide modes, while the microwave offers LG’s Steam Cook technology to keep food moist while cooking.

The new ThinQ-prescription devices will be showcased at LG’s virtual booth at CES 2022 starting January 5, although LG hasn’t said when the app and devices will go on sale. CES 2022 is still scheduled for next week in Las Vegas, with LG, Samsung and Sony at the time of writing. However, other companies, including Amazon, Google, Meta and Lenovo, have pulled out of the practice.

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