Hulu’s ‘Your TV DNA’ Summarizes Your Streaming Habits for 2021

Not to be outdone by Spotify (and almost every other streaming platform for that matter), Disney’s Hulu has released a year-end roundup. Nicknamed “Your TV DNA,” you can use the tool to find out how many movies and TV episodes you watched in 2021, and what your favorite genres were over the past 12 months. As part of the experience, Hulu also generates recommendations for current and future content similar to the stuff you’ve recently watched.

It’s no surprise to see the company offering a year-end review. If social media is any indication, Spotify has had tremendous success with Wrapped. Every year it seems that Spotify users flock to Twitter and Facebook to share their annual chronicles. At the same time, you often see those who use Apple Music and other platforms complain that their favorite music streaming service does not offer something similar. Hulu clearly wants to replicate some of Spotify’s success with the Your TV DNA experience that allows people to share their “streaming personas” on social media.

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