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Secretum is a messaging application that uses blockchain technology and focuses on privacy, anonymity and transfer of pier-to-pier assets. It combines the functionality of services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal while providing features for crypto and NFT traders at the same time, making it an ideal messaging app for anyone with a crypto wallet. We will talk about the general overview of Secretum app to understand its features as well as its features.

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Understanding Secretum

Secretum is a unique decentralized app (Dapp) built using Solana Blockchain technology. The app offers encrypted messaging, calling, and video calling functionality, as well as the ability to trade cryptocurrency and NFT. It acts as an all-in-one app. So one can create and announce their NFT project through groups and channels on this app and also sell their artworks here to avoid high transaction fees and congestion.

Secretum provides a platform for all crypto wallet owners or those who put their privacy first. It takes the web 3.0 concept and puts it together to create a future-proof communication and trading app.

Secretum App Features

The app comes with a range of features and functionalities with tangible benefits to attract regular consumers and crypto enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at some of those features.

Send private messages

The Secretum app uses decentralized nodes to maintain privacy. You can start using this app by just adding your private crypto wallet, that’s all you need to create an account. No other details or IDs are requested to ensure privacy and anonymity.

The app also offers end-to-end encryption. The chat history and data is stored on decentralized distributed nodes of the blockchain rather than on a centralized server. User data and their wallet address are validated on the blockchain by node administrators, so the risk of data leaks is very small.

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Ease of crypto trading

Secretum allows users to trade cryptocurrency and NFTs. This is possible with their Over-The-Counter (OTC) service that integrates Escrow Smart Contract (ESC) functionality. Trading assets is entirely pier to pier. So instead of going to the crypto exchange and selling or buying crypto there and paying high transaction fees, you can just find the right buyer or seller through their wallet address and contact them to trade with you.

This maintains the anonymity of the other person while eliminating all the problems of a crypto exchange. You can even negotiate the right price or buy NFT not currently available in the NFT market by contacting the maker directly.

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Security Benefits

In Secretum, a lot of attention is paid to safety. All files shared in this application are encrypted and verified by the users and instead of storing them on servers or cloud based storage, it stores the data in the nodes of the blockchain. As discussed above, all transfers are also on a pier to pier basis.

Secretum ensures that as little user data as possible is collected and stored, so that the chance of data leaks, hacks, password leaks or government censorship is virtually impossible.

Create, engage and earn content

On Secretum you can also create your own channels, such as Telegram, but here you can broadcast your content to other users and even earn a reward for participating and helping the Secretum community grow. You can create content on any topic. Create a course or lesson or seminar videos to teach others. You can even create subscription-based content series or a reading playlist to help other new Secretum users.

Secretum allows you to post your content from public groups and channels to create a small decentralized social networking service and you can pay for subscription based content using the SER tokens. You can use these tokens for any payment made on Secretum. Not to be confused with crypto trading as you don’t need SER tokens to trade.

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To block

Secretum wants to change the way we communicate and act in the future. Its advanced features based on blockchain technology certainly give it an advantage over other social media and messaging platforms and the ability to trade assets directly to users with minimal risk of breaches and hacks makes it an ideal option for crypto traders.

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