How To Set Up Twitter Tip Jar To Send Money, Donations To Twitter Accounts

Twitter has taken steps to empower creators or individuals by providing them with a platform where the public can instantly appreciate the person for their work. Be it a content creator, helping someone raise money, tipping someone who just needs a little help, or thanking someone who made you laugh. One of those features that Twitter has implemented is called Tip Jar, and today I’ll go through the requirements, responsibilities, and how to set up Twitter Tip Jar on your account or tip someone on Twitter.

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Requirements and Responsibilities for Twitter Tip Jar
  • The User must be at least 18 years old to request, receive or send tips via Tips or anywhere on our platform.
  • You are responsible for paying any applicable taxes or fees associated with gratuities you receive, and you are subject to the terms and conditions of any payment processors you use to accept gratuities.
  • The User may not solicit or give tips in exchange for, or to promote or encourage content that violates the Twitter Rules.
  • You may not solicit or give gratuities in exchange for, or to promote or encourage conduct that:
    • illegal
    • insulting to others
    • hateful, or
    • can lead to self-harm
  • You must not use Twitter’s services to trick others into sending you tips through scam tactics, phishing or other similar methods.
  • If you violate any of these requirements in any way, in violation of Twitter policies, Twitter may take the following actions:
    • Limit your account reinforcement through algorithmic recommendations to accounts that don’t follow you.
    • Pause or permanently revoke your access to Twitter.
    • Hide content that conflicts with the content while it awaits removal.
    • Remove or require you to remove infringing content.
    • Take any actions, including the above, that may prevent you from sending or receiving tips
Steps to activate Twitter Tips Jar on your Twitter account

To activate Tip Jar on your Twitter account, you must enable it using the Twitter app on Android or iPhone and follow these steps, as Twitter Tips is currently not available on Twitter for the web:

Now anyone on Twitter can tip you by clicking the Tip Jar icon in your profile. Similarly, you can also tip someone on Twitter.

What percentage of the tip will Twitter keep?

Twitter doesn’t hold back anything from the Tip. However, the final amount the creator gets will depend on the policies of the third-party payment partner used.

So that’s how you can enable Twitter Tips Jar on your Twitter profile, send and receive tips directly via Twitter. Not Twitter Tips is not available on Twitter for the web as of now, so all you need to do is access Tips from the Twitter mobile app on Android or iPhone.

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