How to Enable Always-On Low Power Mode on iPhone or iPad

Power saving mode helps iPhone or iPad last longer by reducing power consumption. By default, the power saving mode will be turned off automatically once the battery is more than 80% charged. But what if you want to keep Low Power on all the time to get the maximum battery life? Here’s how to enable always-on power saving mode on your iPhone or iPad.

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Enable Always-On Low Power Mode on iPhone or iPad

As of iOS 13, Apple has added a new app called Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad. By using it, you create personal automation to keep Low Power mode on forever. Read the detailed steps below.

Permanent Power Saving Mode on iPad (iPadOS)

To get the permanent power saving mode on your iPad, you need to create an automation that will automatically turn on the power saving mode when it is turned off by iOS or you. Please check the steps below in detail.

1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPad. Can’t find it? Search for “shortcuts” in Spotlight and click it in the results. Or look it up in the App Library.

2. Tap the menu > in the top left corner. Select Automation.

3. Here, click Create Personal Automation. If you’ve created automation before, you’ll need to tap + first.

4. In the “New Automation” window, scroll down to Low Power Mode. Tap it.

5. Now select Is Disabled (Is Enabled should not be selected) and tap Next.

6. Then click on Add action.

7. A search panel will appear. Search for ‘low power’ here.

8. Click Set Low Power Mode.

9. By default it says “Enable power saving mode”. Leave it as it is and tap Next.

10. Turn off the Ask Before Running switch. Click Don’t ask when prompted.

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