Google’s Pixel Watch may get ultra-fast Google Assistant

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Google’s Pixel smartwatch is one of the most anticipated devices on the horizon, despite not being a confirmed product, and a new report makes us even more excited to see what’s to come.

The rumored Pixel Watch will apparently be powered by a Samsung Exynos chip and support Google Assistant, according to a report from 9to5Google who claims to have found a function tag ‘PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH’ in a Google app.

As the site notes, previous Pixel phones included similar feature tags that told apps when to offer exclusive Pixel features. If the upcoming smartwatch does indeed have its own feature tag, it would indicate that it will get features not found on other watches.

Hang in there, because it only gets better from here. The folks at 9to5Google also found references to “Rohan,” the code name associated with the Pixel Watch, and linked them to the next-generation Assistant, or the most recent version of the Google Assistant that debuted in the Pixel 4. The use of the next-gen assistant is that speech can be processed directly on your device in real time, so that you can quickly open apps, translate speech into text or perform various functions offline.

As it stands, the latest version of Google’s watch operating system, Wear OS 3, still lacks an assistant (the poor Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 relies on Bixby).

Between finding a feature tag with “PIXEL” and spotting what has hitherto been a Pixel exclusive, 9to5Google seems pretty confident that Google’s next watch will indeed be called the Pixel Watch (as rumored) . This comes just a few weeks after a Business Insider Report said it was “unclear” which brand Google would use if it even decided to release the watch.

And while there’s still a bit of doubt about whether this thing will ever arrive, we’ve got a pretty good idea of ​​what it’ll look like when it does. Again, 9to5Google did some digging, but this time it looked through the Wear OS 3 emulator and found a watch face that seems to give us a glimpse of the Pixel Watch’s design.

One of the images found shows a round dial with a prominent crown. The display has a curved light bar in Google colors (red, yellow, green, blue). While we’re not sure, this is very similar to the kind of icon that would appear when you invoke the Google Assistant.

It’s worth pointing out that the image in the emulator looks like the generic watch icon Google used in the Wear OS 3 announcement, and the addition of a push button is different from the leaks we’ve seen so far.

If those weren’t enough juicy Pixel Watch leaks, we get another courtesy of 9to5Google, which claims to have seen “evidence suggesting” the Pixel Watch is powered by a Samsung Exynos processor rather than Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon Wear. 4100 Plus chip. Google and Samsung worked together on Wear OS 3, so it would make sense if they shared hardware.

It’s possible that Google’s upcoming watch will be powered by the same Samsung Exynos W920 found in the Galaxy Watch 4, but like everything else in this latest rumor batch, we can’t say for sure until Google confirms this thing is real.

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