Google employees who fail to comply with COVID-19 vaccine rules are reportedly fired

Google gives employees until December 3 to declare their COVID-19 vaccine status. And according to CNBC, if they don’t meet the tech giant’s vaccine mandate, they should apply for a medical or religious waiver and convince Google it’s justified if they don’t want to end up losing their jobs. Google approves exemptions on a case-by-case basis.

In its report, the publication said it has seen an internal memo warning staff of the consequences if they still fail to comply with the company’s vaccine rules by Jan. 18. Anyone who refuses to be vaccinated or who has not received a valid exemption will be given 30 days of paid administrative leave. Google will then give them up to six months of unpaid personal leave and eventually fire them if they really don’t want to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The tech giant is said to have explained in the memo that it is implementing its vaccine mandate to comply with the administration’s executive order. Under that order, all U.S. companies with more than 100 employees must be fully vaccinated by January 18. While the injunction has been in limbo after courts blocked its implementation, Google may have simply chosen to go ahead with its plans to make sure it’s in compliance in case the injunction suddenly takes effect.

“We expect nearly all roles at Google in the US to fall within the scope of the executive order. Anyone entering a Google building must be fully vaccinated or have approved accommodation that allows them to work or arrive on site… frequent testing is not a valid alternative to vaccination,” the memo reads.

Earlier this month, CNBC also reported that Google has delayed the return of employees to the office and will no longer require staff to come several times a week from January 10. However, it still encouraged employees to come to the office “when circumstances permit, to reconnect face-to-face with colleagues and to build muscle memory of being in [one] more regularly.”

While it will strictly enforce its rule for all employees who fall within the scope of the order, Google has given those who don’t want to be vaccinated an option. If they cannot obtain a valid religious or medical exemption, they can “explore” other roles within the company that do not conflict with the order. If they can find such a role and no office work is required, they will also be able to work remotely permanently in the future.

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