Apple temporarily closes iPhone factory due to working conditions

Photo: AFP/AFP (Getty Images)The company that makes your iPhone is in trouble again. According to reports, Apple has lost its long-running computer parts contractor, Foxconn, on trial after a factory of the infamous Taiwanese company accidentally made hundreds of its employees seriously ill earlier this month.The factory, which is based in India and employs about … Read more

T-Mobile pins latest data breach over SIM swapping

T-Mobile continues to suffer from data breaches, although the latest headache may be more reflective of the phone business in general. The carrier confirmed to Bleeping Computer that a recent data breach was the result of SIM-swapping attacks. Intruders compromised a “very small number” of customers by reassigning SIM cards or viewing “limited” account information, … Read more

Smart snow globe generates its own snow

As climate change continues to affect weather patterns, the chances of snow for the holidays have decreased significantly in some parts of the world. Sean Hodgins came up with a solution to a lack of snow with a snow globe generating its own. But unfortunately, the device is problematically power-hungry.If you’ve been avoiding gift shops … Read more