AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK V8.4.5 (Latest, Premium)

AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK

AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK

AnTuTu Benchmark is an application software, a tool that is used to benchmark phones and other devices. It owned by a company called Cheetah Mobile. The AnTuTu benchmark is very common among the tech lovers. In the new version of this app, there are many new features that were not there in the previous versions. There are new 3D design test which were not there before like Refinery and Coastline. It also supports Support OpenGL ES 3.1 + AEP. Support Tessellation and Shadow. And whatnot.

As I mentioned above that this app is very useful for a person who wants to check the overall performance of the phone. It is an application that allows you to check the performance of your device whether smartphones or tablets. It can even more helpful for the people who are planning to install a very high graphic game on their phones.

AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK

The AnTuTu Benchmark tests are divided into three stages. In the first stage, the application will examine the performance of the RAM of your device, through a set of consecutive data streams that will test the strength of your device.

In the second stage, the AnTuTu Benchmark will check how your Android phone manages two-dimensional (2D) graphics. What will happen if your screen is filled with pixelated pictures, patterns and also perceive how the device continues.

AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK

In the last stage, which is the toughest, AnTuTu Benchmark will check the strength of your device with 3D graphics. And you will see a sequence of 3D graphics. In my opinion, AnTuTu Benchmark is a very beneficial tool that you can use to check the performance of your device. It lets you know if you can install any high graphics game or something else to your device or not.

Features Of AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK:

  1. New design 3D test scenes like Refinery and Coastline are added.
  2. Support OpenGL ES 3.1 + AEP.
  3. Support Tessellation and Shadow.
  4. New UX tests that better reflect real-world use cases.
  5. New score proportion.
  6. One tap to verify your device.
  7. In-depth device info about battery temperature, battery level, and CPU load changes.

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Final Words:

In conclusion, AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK is one of the best bencgmark app that are available for Android and it holds some cool features that will improve your experience within the app. We have listed some top features in the above lines. So, you should definitely download and try this premium AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK Application on your smartphone and it will also help you to access Premium & VIP Content for Free of cost. Enjoy!

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AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK


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