6 of the Biggest Crypto Heists of 2021

Photo: OZAN KOSE/AFP (Getty Images)

Ah, crypto. We’ve all heard of the tantalizing, utopian platitudes sung by digital currency evangelicals: It’s change the world (or, like BitConnect guy once said, “The world is not the way it used to be!”)! Are revolutionize finance (no more banks)! it will are you making damn rich, idiot! It’s all good stuff. But here’s the other thing it’s likely to do: empty your pockets and let you troll the streets of the nearest town, singing the blues about that time when a hacker ran off with your savings.

It’s no secret that fraud and theft are common in the cryptocurrency industry. Reports from various watchdog groups have shown that the largely unregulated landscape of digital finance is rife with crime because, duh, that’s what happens in unregulated industries. Add to that the diffuse cybersecurity vulnerabilities from crypto infrastructure, the hordes of money-hungry cybercriminals scouring the internet for an unsecured hot wallet or zero-day exchange, and what you’ve got is a perfect recipe for getting your shit robbed.

It is also clear that scams and theft appear to be gets worse, not better. According to an investigation evicted by crypto head August this year was one of the worst-ever cryptocurrency hacks and thefts — with some 32 reported incidents, of which about $2.99 ​​billion in associated losses. That is apparently higher than last year’s numbers, which were themselves a 40 percent increase from reported incidents in 2019. And since the Crypto Head report came out, a few exchange hacks have continued to prove the central proposition was correct.

In that vein, here’s a look back at six of the biggest crypto ripoffs of 2021.

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