5 ways to get celebrities to say something with your voice online

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has improved a lot in recent years that you can create deep fake videos by swapping your face with a celebrity or creating memes. But today I’m sharing a few ways to make a celebrity say whatever you want with your voice. It’s like role-playing, but limited to just speaking from now on. Sounds interesting right? Let’s see how we can get celebrities to say something online.

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Ways to make any celebrity speak with your voice

There are some websites and apps that allow you to get a celebrity to speak what you always wanted them to say. We tested a few apps, let’s check them out.

Voicer – Celebrity Voice Changer

This app provides the voting profile of a few celebrities such as Barack Obama, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and more. This app allows you to apply the selected celebrity’s voice profile to your videos and share them on social media.

Download Voicer App

Note: There is a cooling off period after you shoot some videos, or you can purchase the premium subscription to remove this limitation.

Celebrity Voice Changer

This app also works in a similar way, but here you have the flexibility to enter the text you want to speak, cartoon, movie or game character. Later, you can download the final audio file to use it anywhere and with any video.

Download Celebrity Voice Changer

  • Start the app on your phone
  • Choose a voice profile of a celebrity, cartoon or game character (new profiles are added regularly)
  • Type whatever text you want the celeb, cartoon or game character to say
  • Save the audio file, you can open the file from the top and download it on your phone

Note: Most audio profiles are locked and you need to purchase a premium subscription to access them.

Voice Changer – Super Voice Effects

If you are a fan of superheroes then you will definitely like this app. Because you get a good collection of superheroes, villains and more. The functionality of the app is similar to other apps mentioned above.

Download Voice Changer

Note: There is no premium plan here, but you will get ads in the UI.

ReFace App

Surely you have heard of the ReFace app, yes, the app allows you to swap your face in a famous clip of the movie, instead of the protagonist. Now they have added a new feature that allows your favorite character to actually speak with your voice.

Reface app Android Reface app iOS

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