5 superhero movies with delays as bad as Morbius

Image: Warner Bros.

The movie community wept when the news broke earlier this week that Jared Leto’s Morbius was delayed until April. Marvel’s vampiric antihero is meant to be the next addition to Spider-Man’s cinematic world, which has expanded in some interesting ways recently, but it just hasn’t come to fruition for the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman. All in all, this is the seventh delay: First intended for the summer of 2020, the pandemic has led Sony to push it back many times in the hopes that it will presumably be a Success the size of a gif. (In addition to the Omicron variant, the blockbuster success from Spider-Man: No Way Home can also be attributed to this recent delay.)

Ultimately, these delays are trivial, but they admittedly hit hard for the superhero genre. The MCU prides itself on its forward momentum, and 2020 was notable in that no MCU movie was released at all, forcing several to re-evaluate their relationship with Disney’s mega franchise. Even Warner Bros.’ universe of heroes remains unclear about how movies bind together while they wait for The flash to reset everything.

Inspired by Morbius’ latest pushback, we decided to look back at some of the most infamous delays that superhero movies have faced in recent years. Not all of them are tied to the pandemic, and not all of them are known yet, but they still stand out because of how much their dates have shifted.

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