5 Best Ways to Customize Safari Homepage on Your iPhone

With iOS 15, Apple introduced several new changes and improvements to the default apps. Safari browser also got many new features, including the ability to customize the homepage. As of now, Safari’s homepage has not been so useful to users, especially those who have used Chrome and other browsers. So, here are five ways you can customize the Safari homepage on your iPhone.

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Ways to Customize Safari Homepage on iPhone

If you changed Safari’s default browser due to lack of customizations, read this article to the end to learn how to customize the homepage and set your preferences now.

Add or remove items

You can now remove stuff from the Safari homepage if you find it inconvenient. If you want to add something new, such as Reading List or Privacy Report, you can add it now. Here’s how:

1. Open Safari on your iPhone.

2. Now tap Edit at the bottom.

3. On the next page, you can enable or disable switches next to features you don’t want or want on your home page.

Change background image

You can now also change the background image on the Safari homepage. You can even distinguish your own custom image from the ones already given. You can change this as follows:

1. Open Safari and tap Edit at the bottom.

2. On the next page, turn on the switch next to the background image.

3. You will see some preloaded background images and only the ones you like.

You can also select your own image by tapping the + icon.

Change default search engine

In Safari, Apple uses Google as the default search engine. If you’re not comfortable with Google collecting your data, you can switch to a more privacy-focused engine like DuckDuckGo. In Safari, do the following:

1. Open Settings and select Safari after scrolling.

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