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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity in India. But currently it cannot be used directly to make payments. One has to go to their crypto exchange and convert crypto into fiat currency (cash) and then transfer it to their bank account. Crypto-based debit cards can facilitate this process as they can automatically exchange crypto for cash. We will discuss some of the best Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-based debit cards in India and their advantages.

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Bitcoin, other crypto-based debit cards in India

There are only a few options when it comes to Bitcoin-based debit cards in India. Some cards support limited currencies and some come with high fees. There are also different levels of these cards that offer different benefits, so it goes without saying that one should do a thorough research about the card and the company itself.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the best crypto-based debit cards in India. These are listed in no particular order.

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Wirex debit card


  • Supports 25 different cryptocurrencies
  • No fees for converting crypto to currency
  • No issuance fees and monthly fees


  • Requires you to have a WXT token in your wallet to earn cashback

Wirex offers VISA debit cards that can be used physically or virtually for all transactions. It supports about 25 different cryptocurrencies and does not charge any fees to switch crypto to mainstream currencies. It offers up to 2% cashback and rewards in WXT, the native crypto of Wirex exchange. You don’t have to pay an initial issuance fee or monthly maintenance fee.

You can withdraw up to 30,000₹ from ATMs at no cost and get unlimited spend on automatic debit card payments. It is one of the popular options, but you must have WXT tokens in the Wirex exchange to receive cashback in WXT.

Coinbase Debit Card


  • Use-anywhere VISA cards are accepted
  • Variety of security features
  • Offers up to 4% cashback


  • Only 9 cryptocurrencies supported
  • 2.49% fee for switching from crypto to cash

Coinbase, the widely known popular crypto exchange platform, offers its own VISA debit cards that are currently available in the US and European countries, but will make its way to India in 2022. The card allows you to pay with crypto anywhere and US dollars VISA cards are accepted.

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