3 Ways to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android, iPhone

If you want to schedule WhatsApp messages, there is no built-in feature in the app, neither on Android nor iOS. However, there are a few ways you can schedule WhatsApp messages on Android, such as using a third-party app. On the iPhone, you can also use Apple’s Shortcuts app for this. Read on to know all these methods in detail!

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Schedule WhatsApp Messages in Android, iPhone

Since you can’t use the scheduling feature in the WhatsApp main app, you can opt for a third-party app on Android for this. Apart from this, WhatsApp Business has a similar feature that allows you to schedule messages for your senders.

Using WhatsApp Business

You can use WhatsApp’s other app, WhatsApp Business, to schedule messages. WhatsApp Business’s “Out of Office Message” feature can be used to schedule messages. Read our guide to setting up WhatsApp Business on your phone.

Here’s how to set up a message to be sent at a specific time:

1. Download and install WhatsApp Business on your phone.

2. Register with your number and set up your profile.

3. Now open the app and go to Settings by tapping the menu with the three dots.

4. In the settings, select Business Tools.

5. Here, tap on “Out of Office Message” under Messages.

6. Turn on the switch for “Send message” at the top.

7. Then write your message by tapping the pencil icon next to Away Message.

8. Tap on Schedule and set the time from the given options or by tapping Custom.

9. Finally, tap Recipients to add the people you want to send the scheduled messages to.

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