14 Best and 9 Worst Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies of 2021

Image: Severin Movies

We don’t write about too many documentaries here at io9, but Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched is such a feat — not to mention highly relevant to our people-obsessed, Blood on Satan’s Claw-loving sensibilities — that it deserves not only attention, but a spot on our best list. Written and directed by genre expert Kier-La Janisse, the three-hour documentary delves into the origins of folk horror in fairy tales, ballads, and beyond. Carefully edited movie clips (you’ll want to make a list of things to watch after you’ve finished the document) and interviews with filmmakers, scientists, historians, and more bring context into an extensive but specific genre that preys on our fears of, and fascination with, ancient rituals, pagan relics, dusty spellbooks, and the idea that the “old ways” are just waiting for their chance to sneak back in and take over.

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